The Roots of Ancient Wayves..

Ancient Wayves River and Hiking Adventures has been making waves in the local outdoor recreation industry since it was created in 2020 by Louis Williams, a local adventurer who was born and raised in the Navajo Nation.

Our company is an LLC, registered with the Navajo Nation. We are currently based in Blanding, Utah and will soon have a "base of operations" in Montezuma Creek. 

We are excited to be the only indigenous commercial outfitter providing tours in the Bears Ears National Monument. Being indigenous-owned, our tours are focused on sharing the beauty of the cultures that exist in this region of the Four Corners.

A wave that our outfit has made in the outdoor recreation industry is we became the first Indigenous-owned company to obtain commercial river permits from the BLM and Navajo Nation to run guided tours on the San Juan River.  We are stoked to radiate the indigenous vibe along the river!

Ancient Wayves has an experienced team of guides who have ancestral ties to this landscape.  Our goal is to provide guests with a unique, indigenous and fun experience in this beautiful place we call home.