Ancient Wayves River and Hiking Adventures

Our adventurous guides have ancestral ties to this historical region with years of experience in exploring the backcountry. There is not a better way to explore this majestic area of southeastern Utah than with a guide whose roots are embedded in the history and geography of this amazing landscape. Ancient Wayves has the adventure for you!


About Our Company

Ancient Wayves was created in 2020 and is based on the Navajo Nation. We are excited to be a newly-established, indigenous, outdoor recreational guide company providing unique tours in and around the Bear's Ears National Monument landscape.  As an Indigenous-Navajo touring company, our services are oriented towards providing a unique experience through culture sharing and storytelling.


Unique Tours of Ancient Wayves

We provide guided hiking and backpacking tours with many trails to choose from. During hikes we will explore an ancient land where many people once lived and thrived as a civilization. Trips are filled with archaeology, scenic landscapes, and an abundance of wildlife.


Ancient Wayves Tours

Indigenous Adventures

Full-Day Hiking (Cedar Mesa)

Adult: $150 per adult/

$125 per adult if three or more.

Youth (Age 7-17): $100 per youth w/parent or guardian.

Children (Age 0-6): Not recommended for children in this age range due to trip length and difficulty.

* Duration: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

* Lunch, water, and snacks will be provided.

*Must be at least two guests in order to schedule a "Full-Day" hiking trip.

Do you have time to explore a backcountry trail for the day? We offer guided day hiking on trails located in the most scenic and secluded places on Earth.  Plan your trip with our staff and together we'll figure out which trail on Cedar Mesa best suites your desired adventure. 

Trails we access:

* Citadel, Moonhouse, Fallen Roof and more.

Photography Tours

Guests: $100 per person/

$80 per person if three or more people.

* Duration of tour: 5 hours

* Lunch, water and snacks will be provided.

Let us guide you into the most mesmerizing and picturesque places in the world.  These landscapes inspire art so what better place to photograph than here in this artistic region of the southwest. 

Beautiful places we guide for photography:

* Cedar Mesa, Bear's Ears, Butler Wash, Lime Creek(San Juan River), Comb Ridge

Half-Day Hiking (Butler Wash)

Adult: $100 per adult/

$80 per adult if three or more.

Youth (Age 7-17): $75 per youth w/parent or guardian.

Children (Age 0-6):  Not recommended for children in this age range due to trip length and difficulty. 

*Times: 8am- 1pm or 12pm- 5pm

* Snacks and water will be provided.

* Lunch will be provided.

Need to escape to a secluded place away from civilization for several hours without the worry of getting lost? The trails for this tour are located in the scenic valley created by Butler Wash and the Comb Ridge monocline.  This area is located within the Bear's Ears National

Monument and is part of a unique monocline which stretches roughly 120 miles. 

* Trails in Butler Wash: Monarch Cave, Wolfman Panel, Procession Panel and more.

Multiple-Day Backpacking (Grand Gulch and associated canyons)

Adult (18 yrs +) : $225 per day

Youth (Age 12-17): $200 per day 

* Includes food 

* We provide gear upon request. Gear we can provide are backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent.

Do you need to getaway from phone signals and city lights? This is the perfect place to do that. Let us guide you on a journey through scenic canyons and beautiful backcountry. This trail traverses within a canyon system that begins by the Bear's Ears buttes and ends at the confluence with the San Juan River.

* Canyons: Grand Gulch, Bullet Canyon, Slickhorn Canyon, and more.

Full-Day Hiking (Lime Creek)

Adults: $150 per adult/

$125 per adult if three or more.

Youth (Age 7-17): $100 per youth w/parent or guardian.

Children (Age 0-6):  Not recommended for children in this age range due to trip length and difficulty.

* Times: 9am - 4pm

* Lunch is included on this trip.

* Snacks and water will be provided.

Let us guide you on a journey and travel back in time geologically. During this (medium) difficulty hike, we'll walk through layers of sediment deposited millions of years ago containing traces of sea creatures that swam in this area long ago.  The San Juan River which helped carve this beautiful landscape offers a great view and is a great highlight along this unique trail.

Multiple-Day Backpacking (Recapture Canyon)

Adults(18 +): $225 per day

Youth (Ages 12-17): $200 per day

* Includes food and fees.

* We are able to provide guests with a backpack, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and tent if requested for.

Plan a trip with Ancient Wayves and sleep under a sky full of bright stars in the remote canyon of Recapture. This majestic region is full of history and the beauty of the desert landscape. Come join us for an adventure in Recapture Canyon!

Half-Day Hiking (Cedar Mesa)

Adult: $100 per adult/

$80 per adult if three or more.

Youth (Age 7-17): $75 per youth w/parent or guardian.

Children(Age 0-6): Not recommended for children in this age range because of trip length and difficulty.

*Times: 8am- 1pm or 12pm- 5pm

*Lunch is included on "Half-Day" trips.

*Snacks and water will be provided.

*Sales tax will be added upon booking of trip.

If you want to take a stroll on a trail in the Bear's Ears National Monument while being guided by a local explorer, Ancient Wayves has got what you need. Our team of guides will lead you on a journey which takes you through beautiful country filled with an abundance of native plants,
native animals, and native stories.
* House on Fire
* Moonhouse 
* and more..

Full-Day Hiking (Honaker Trail)

Adult: $100 per adult/

$80 per adult if three or more.

Youth (Age 12-17): $75 per youth w/parent or guardian.

Children (Age 0-11): This trail not recommended for children in this age range due to difficulty and length of trail.

*Times: 8 am- 3pm

*Lunch will be provided on the Honaker Trail tour.

*Snacks and water will be provided.

This unique trail is magnificent to take in the views of the awesome canyon created by the artistic carving of the San Juan River.  This adventure offers guests an opportunity to learn about the geology, the plant life and the wild animals that inhabit this stunning region.


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