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"I cannot overstate the incredible day we spent with Louis Williams of Ancient Wayves learning about the cultural history of Cedar Mesa and the Four Corners. Louis provides a guided hiking opportunity unlike anything else I have ever experienced: he offered all the classic fun and comforts of a guided experience (including a delicious lunch in a nice shady spot!) and added heartfelt stories and shared the significance of the land from a
Navajo (Dine) and Indigenous perspective. Our conversations
challenged us to rethink classic archaeological interpretations of cultural sites. Each plant in the canyon was no longer just a native plant, but it had traditional uses to to be learned. I am grateful for the opportunity to hike with Louis!"

Amanda Podmore (Bluff, Utah)

I'm so glad I chose Ancient Wayves for a tour of Cedar Mesa's incredible wonders. Louis was an extremely knowledgeable guide and his enthusiasm for the area was infectious. He was eager to share fascinating insights about the cultural and geological history of the region from an indigenous perspective. I highly recommend Ancient Wayves for anyone interested in exploring the Bears Ears region and can't wait to join them on another tour soon!

Mason Cummings (Durango, Co)