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Explore the magnificence of the San Juan River with Ancient Wayves!

The waters of the San Juan River flow from the mountaintops in Colorado, eventually entering Utah where it begins carving through the colorful rock layers that radiate beauty and mysticism. 

The river cuts through sediment deposited hundreds of millions of years ago, giving us spectacular geological wonders to view such as the Mexican Hat and the Goosenecks.

This river has provided life to this desert region since time immemorial and its powerful flow carries stories of the Indigenous people and native wildlife. 

Explore this spectacular river with the guidance of an experienced, knowledgeable, indigenous and fun guide!

Sections of the San Juan River we run extend from Montezuma Creek to Clay Hills, Utah.

Contact us today for a memorable adventure on the San Juan River!


Sand Island to Mexican Hat, UT (3-day river adventure)

~ Adult: $948
~ Youth (17 yrs. & younger): $840
*Sales tax will be added upon booking.

The "Upper Canyon" is a fantastic stretch of the San Juan River that has vast history and immeasurable beauty.

Join us for a memorable adventure in an area where many tribes once lived generations ago. 

Launch point: Sand Island boat ramp

Take-out point: Mexican Hat boat ramp

Tour inclusions: 

* Full-course meals

* Sleep gear (tent, sleeping bag & sleeping pad)

Open (3-day river trip): 

* June 28-30

* August 2-4

* August 31- September 2

Contact us today for inquiries about other possible launch dates.


Mexican Hat to Clay Hills, UT (4-5 days)

~ Adult: $316 per day
~ Youth (17 yrs. & younger): $280 per day
*Sales tax will be added upon booking.

2024 launch dates for the "Lower Canyon" (Currently available):

* Contact us for more info about launch dates.

Experience a unique river adventure in the magnificent landscape of the serene "Lower Canyon". This awesome place is filled with native wildlife that give vibrance to this hidden gem in southeast Utah. 

Pass through Class II rapids and a Class III rapid called Government Rapid. The latter part of this stretch, the river turns into a gentle flow. 

Enjoy hikes in the "Lower Canyon" section at the Honaker Trail and at the Slickhorn confluence. If time permits we can take a stroll into the marvelous Grand Gulch and within the splendidness of the Oljaito wash canyon.

Contact us today to plan an awesome river expedition!


Old Swinging Bridge to Sand Island (Single-day paddle adventure)

$219 per adult (age 18 and over)
$198 per youth (ages 11-17)
$116 per child (ages 6-10)
*Sales tax will be added.

This unique adventure begins with a short hike to a majestic archaeological site on the Navajo Nation. After this short hike, we'll begin our float which is approximately 7.5 miles in length. Along the way we'll stop for a scrumptious lunch with a splendid view. During the float, we'll make an additional stop to see more remnants of an ancient thriving civilization that existed approximately 1200 years ago. We'll "take-out" our vessels at the Sand Island Boat Ramp where we'll be able to view ancient petroglyphs on the Jurassic walls of patina.


Montezuma Creek to Sand Island (2-day river adventure)

Adults: $632
Youth (17 yrs. & younger): $560
*Sales tax will be added

This one-of-a-kind adventure begins upriver near the small community of Montezuma Creek on the Navajo Nation. Float through a land of wonders amongst a landscape that has extensive history of ancient inhabitance.

Camp one night under the desert stars and taste Indigenous foods prepared by your Indigenous guide.


Mexican Hat to Clay Hills (6-day river adventure)

Adult: $1,896
Youth: $1,680
*Sales tax will be added.

2024 trips:  Contact us to find out our launch date availabilities.

This 57-mile stretch of the San Juan River is a grand wonder in Southeast Utah. We'll launch from Mexican Hat and immediately be immersed in the magnificence of this ancient landscape.  Canyon walls reaching heights of more than a thousand feet provide splendid views as you float through lands filled with native wildlife and plant life.

During this river trip, we'll explore the mysticism of Slickhorn Canyon, Grand Gulch and Oljaito Wash where at each place we'll camp.

Contact us today to reserve your spot on this epic river adventure!


Sand Island to Mexican Hat (4-day river adventure)

Adult: $1,264
Youth: $1,120
*Sales tax will be added upon booking.

We'll guide you along this stretch of the San Juan River known as the "Upper Canyon". Launching point is at the Sand Island boat ramp and the takeout is at the Mexican Hat boat ramp. 

This magnificent river trip will cover 27 miles over 4 days (3 nights).

Taste local flavor as your guides prepare you hearty meals during the adventure.

Contact us today to reserve your spot on a memorable river adventure!

San Juan River Adventures: Tours
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