Ancient Wayves provides tours in some of the most mystical places on Earth!!

Choose your adventure from our tour options:


Full-Day Hiking (Cedar Mesa)

Would you like to explore a trail of your choice located on the majestic Cedar Mesa near the historical Bear's Ears buttes while lead by a local storyteller/historian? Ancient Wayves will remedy any need for a memorable adventure. 

*Citadel Hike: Distance (~6.5 miles roundtrip), Difficulty(Medium).

*House on Fire: Distance (~2 miles roundtrip), Difficulty(Low).

*Moonhouse: Distance(~4 miles roundtrip), Difficulty(Medium).

-Contact us for more information and help with planning your day adventure.


Photography Tour

If you need a scenic background for your photography session, seek no further than the assistance of Ancient Wayves. We'll guide you to the most unique places for your photography fix.  This region of the Southwest offers a special landscape but only a few know where to get the best photos.  Contact us to plan a day of memorable photographing.


Half-Day Hiking (Butler Wash)

Butler Wash is a San Juan River tributary that was created by the awesome land feature, the Comb Ridge Monocline. We'll guide guests on short distance hikes in this scenic region where we see wonderful geologic features, archaeology, and the local animal/plant habitat.  

*Wolfman Panel: Distance (1.5 mile roundtrip), Difficulty (Medium).

*Procession Panel: Distance (3 miles roundtrip), Difficulty (Medium).

*Double-Stack: Distance (1.5 miles roundtrip), Difficulty (Low).

*Monarch Cave: Distance (1.5 miles roundtrip), Difficulty (Low).


Multiple-Day Backpacking (Grand Gulch and associated canyons)

The historical Cedar Mesa possesses a unique connecting system of lush canyons filled the remnants of a once- thriving civilization. We'll travel miles through pure natural artistic beauty which is protected by the isolation created by the remoteness of these canyons. This tour can be done by sections due to the trail being part of an extensive canyon system. Let us help you plan according to your availability and desired trip length.

Give us a call or email for more trip information.

*Bullet Canyon, Slickhorn Canyon, Grand Gulch and many more.


Full-Day Hiking (Lime Creek)

Let us guide you to a place where many stories exist. Where many of the stories are held within the rock layers precariously exposed and tell us awesome information about the Earth's past. This region also is rich in demographic history with many different groups of people passing through this beautiful landscape.  This hiking trail will take us to the land-nourishing San Juan River where we can enjoy the soothing water flow and explore along the bank until it's time to make our journey back to

our waiting vehicles.

*Distance (~ 9 miles roundtrip), Difficulty (Medium).


Multiple-Day Backpacking (Recapture Canyon)

Early settlers long ago roamed this canyon in search of homesteads and pastures for their cattle. Before the settlers and cattle made it to this region from Europe, ancestral inhabitants several thousand years ago lived and thrived as a civilization in this mystic region. We'll guide you on a 15 mile journey through country filled with remoteness, beautiful landscape, wildlife and interesting history. 
*Difficulty: Medium


Half-Day Hiking (Cedar Mesa)

If you're looking to explore an area truly unique and within close distance to the Bear's Ears buttes, take a trip with Ancient Wayves and we'll enhance your experience in this historical region. Our knowledgable guides will lead you on an adventure filled with archaeology and fun. We'll get to see stunning picturesque views of the Four Corners landscape
during your adventure. Contact us and we'll be happy to help you plan your "Half-Day" hiking adventure on Cedar Mesa.
*House on Fire: Distance (~2 miles roundtrip), Difficulty(Low).
*Moonhouse: Distance (~4 miles roundtrip), Difficulty (High).


Full-Day Hiking (Honaker Trail)

Are you ready to travel back in time? We'll guide you down into a canyon of sedimentary layers deposited millions of years ago. View the awesome wonder of this great canyon which was carved by the majestic San Juan River. Relax and enjoy the pleasant flow of the river when you reach the beach.  After a little exploration near the river and rejuvenating your strength, we'll ascend back up the switchback trail to our waiting vehicles. 
*Difficulty level: High