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Guided tours amongst the Bear's Ears landscape

Adventure Southeast Utah's backcountry with us!

General Itinerary (Full-day hiking):

* Meeting time: 8am

* Meeting location: Blanding or Bluff

* Duration: 8 hours

General Itineray (Half-day hiking):

* Meeting time: 8am or 1pm

* Meeting location: Blanding or Bluff

* Duration: 4 hours

General Itinerary (Backpacking)

* Meeting time: 8am

* Meeting location: Kane Gulch ranger station

* Duration: 3-10 days


Cedar Mesa hike (Full-day)

~ Adult (18 yrs and older): $207 (Public)

~ Adult (18 yrs and older): $276 (Private)

~ Youth (Age 13-17): $175 (Public)

~ Youth (Age 13-17): $233 (Private)

~ Child (Age 6-12): $142 (Public/Private)

*Sales tax will be added upon booking.

The majestic Cedar Mesa is a vast region of mystical wonder. After meeting up with your guide in the morning, enjoy a scenic drive to the trailhead. Your guide will lead you on an adventure to visit archaeological sites within a landscape filled with native wildlife and plant life.

Have lunch in a fantastic setting amongst the fragrant air of the Bears Ears. After lunch, embark on another hiking adventure at a different location.

Your guide will have you back to your vehicle by 4pm.

Adventure inclusions:




Contact us to schedule a guided adventure on Cedar Mesa!


Photography tour (4 hours)


$154 per person (Sales tax will be added upon booking.)

There is an abundance of scenic views in this majestic region. Enjoy a photo tour you'll never forget along the river or out in the backcountry.!

Our knowledgeable guides will guide you to unique places to capture the beauty of Southeast Utah.  Explore fascinating landscapes that have been inspiring artists since time immemorial.

Contact us today to plan a day of adventure and photography.


Butler Wash hike (Half-day)

~ Adult (Age 18 &over): $109 (Public)

~ Adult (Age 18 & older): $145 (Private)

~ Youth (Age 13-17): $105 (Public)

~ Youth (Age 13-17): $140 (Private)

~ Child (Age 6-12): $99 (Public/Private)

~ Child (Age 1-5): Free

*Sales tax will be added upon booking.

Adventure with us in the historical and wild region of Butler Wash. To access trails within the Butler Wash requires a scenic drive along a well-maintained dirt road.

Enjoy a guided hike on short distance trails within this rugged region where we see wonderful geologic features, archaeology, and native wildlife and unique plant life.  

You have the option to tour in the morning or in the afternoon.

Adventure inclusions:

* Snacks

* Water for refilling


Grand Gulch backpack adventure (Multiple-day)

$288 per adult/day (Public)

$360 per adult/day (Private)

$256 per youth/day (Public)

$341 per youth/day (Private)

*Sales tax will be added upon booking.

The mystical Cedar Mesa has a unique system of lush canyons called the Grand Gulch. Backpack with us in this canyon system and explore a place of pure natural artistic beauty that is home to native wildlife and plant life.

We typically rendezvous with our guests on the first day(morning) of the backpack trip at the Kane Gulch ranger station. We begin the trek from the ranger station or the group will be shuttled to a different trailhead.

There are several springs along the trail where water will be pumped for consumption and cooking use (after proper filtration). 

The final day includes a special meal for the backpackers. Have a quick bite before your travels to your next destination.


~ Backpack meals

~ Tent

~ Backpack

~ Sleeping bag

* Guests are welcome to utilize their own backpacking gear.


Lime Creek hiking adventure (Full-day)

Adult (Ages 18 & older): $207 

Youth (Ages 13-17): $175 

Children (Ages 6-12): $142 

This unique tour begins at Sand Island where you'll meet your guide. From there, enjoy a 15-minute drive to the trailhead. You'll be able to see Valley of the Gods in the distance during transport.

Once on the trail, views such as the "Navajo Rug" and other marvelous landforms start emerging from this colorful region.

This adventure is filled with awesome views of wildlife and plant life. 

Lime Creek feeds the mighty San Juan River, so we get to view this magnificent body of water during this adventure. Hiking near the San Juan River is a truly fantastic experience with so many things to see. 

Book a Lime Creek adventure today!

*Distance (~ 7 miles roundtrip), Difficulty (Easy-medium).

Adventure inclusions:





Recapture Creek backpack adventure (Overnight)

$288 per adult/day

$256 per youth/day

* Sales tax will be added upon booking.

Recapture Creek is filled with magnificent wonders. From beautiful landscapes to remnants of ancient civilizations, this trek of 15-miles has much to do in between. Spend one night out in this marvelous setting.

This adventure takes you to visit the San Juan River where many native wildlife congregate.

Let our indigenous guides lead a wild adventure for you in the spectacular region of Recapture Creek.

*Difficulty: Medium


Cedar Mesa hiking adventure (Half-day)

~ Adult (Age 18 and older): $109 (Public)

~ Adult (Age 18 and older): $145 (Private)

~ Youth (Age 12-17): $105 (Public)

~ Youth (Age 12-17): $140 (Private)

~ Child (Age 6-11): $99 (Public/Private)

~ Child (Age 1-5): Free

* Sales tax will be added upon booking.

Let us enhance your visit to this historical region with a fascinating guided tour!

During this 4-hour tour, we'll lead an adventurous hike to see fantastic views within the Bears Ears National Monument. The trail we access is approximately 1.5 miles roundtrip.

There is a scenic drive to the trailhead where you'll see an awesome landscape of geologic wonder.

Tour inclusions:

* Snacks

* Water for refilling


Honaker Trail adventure (Full-day)

~ Adult (Age 18 & older): $207

~ Youth (Age 13-17): $175

~ Child (Age 8-12): $142

~ Child (Age 3-7): Not recommended because of difficulty.

~ Child (Age 1-2): Free- May be carried by parent.

* Sales tax will be added upon booking.

Are you ready to travel back in time? We'll guide you down into a canyon of sedimentary layers deposited millions of years ago. View the awesome wonder of this great canyon which was carved by the majestic San Juan River. Relax and enjoy the pleasant flow of the river when you reach the beach.  After a little exploration near the river and rejuvenating your strength, we'll ascend back up the switchback trail to our waiting vehicles. 

*Difficulty level: Medium-High


SLICKHORN Canyon adventure (Single-day)

~ Adults (18 yrs. & over):   $207 (Public)

~ Adult (18 yrs & older): $276 (Private)

~ Youth (Age 12-17):   $175 (Public)

~ Youth (Age 12-17): $233 (Private)

~ Child (6-11 yrs.): $142 (Public/Private)

* Sales tax will be added upon booking.

Experience a guided adventure where you'll explore a mystical canyon of the Cedar Mesa called Slickhorn. This marvelous day-hike is in a setting of beautiful and wild canyon country.  Trek with a guide whose ancestors lived in this mystical region long ago.

You'll traverse primitive trails amongst rough terrain where water drainages will be crossed. It is important to wear comfortable shoes with good tread. 

We'll provide lunch, water and snacks. Guests will carry their own belongings and water.  

Come join us for a memorable exploration in an awesome landscape! 


Butler Wash adventure (Full-day)

~ Adult: $207 (Public rate)

~ Adult: $276 (Private rate)

~ Youth: $175 (Public rate)

~ Youth: $233 (Private rate)

~ Child: $142 (Private/Public rate)

Explore with your adventurous guide in the indigenous landscape of Butler Wash. Your guide will provide unique interpretation about the landscape during a scenic drive to the trailhead. Explore an area where magnificent structures, some built around 700 A.D., still stand erected telling stories about the cultures of that time period.

A lunch will be provided and will be served at a fantastic setting. After lunch, embark on another hiking adventure to see more splendidness of Butler Wash. Your guide will have you back to your vehicle or place of lodging by 4pm.

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